To Sangh, With Love

An open letter to the people, the Sangh, and a Harvard alumnus

Sources: shoebat, Wikipedia, newrepublic, gopthedailydose,

Sources: shoebat, wikipedia, newrepublic, gopthedailydose

Dear Sangh Parivar

With an abrasively right wing party now in power – our country is at a crossroads of sorts – longingly stretching its arms towards “development” while clinging to dangerously medieval beliefs.

“Pseudo-secularism” seems to be the new catchphrase for people who’ve only recently learnt how to spell.

Let’s break it down:

  • pseudo : (adj) – not genuine; sham; insincere
  • secular : (adj) – not connected with religious or spiritual matters

‘Secular’ in the western context has traditionally meant a detachment of the state from religious affairs. Owing to India’s amazing ethnic composition, our Constitution Makers chose an interesting middle ground – disfavour towards, yet acknowledgement of all religions, offering protection to minorities.

Today “pseudo-secular” (and its infantile cousin “sickular”) is thrown at everyone who rejects the notion of Hindu fundamentalism. Before we dismantle the misnomer, let’s give you a quick #RealityCheck

Safro-boyz, you must take it with a pinch of salt.

  1. You do not represent Hinduism

So stop appropriating it.

Within 90 years of your inception – you have effectively ruined the oldest surviving religion on the planet. The legacy of the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the great Epics – reduced to a pile of hateful dust. Your selective quoting of the great texts for self-serving interests is no different than militant Christians in Southern USA using the Bible to justify racism & homophobia.

For more than 5000 years, Hindus have prided themselves in their tolerance – a grand-hearted acceptance of everything that came our way from the farthest corners of the world, nurturing everyone with our ancient wisdom, in the process getting enriched by their beauty.

This is the legacy that makes us who we are.

Your lead-brained antics are not even close.

  1. No one takes you seriously

Certainly not the majority.

Caste is a rallying point in Hindutva. Upper caste Hindus constitute a small minority of the Hindu population, majority being OBC, SC or ST. Your ideology is based on maintaining caste hegemony by constantly pitting the higher castes against an imaginary threat of the “other” – the lower castes, and the religious minorities.

A vast section of Hindus – at the receiving end of the worst forms of discrimination, are dealt the worst hand. Below poverty line with fledgling access to food, water & shelter and a life condemned to the most degrading and inhumane jobs – they urgently need an intervention, which, as the “guardians” of Hinduism, you are duty-bound to provide.

Instead, you choose to base your survival on the backs of the most privileged demographic in India – higher caste Hindus in a Hindu majority country. 

Because vote bank.

  1. You are an impediment to progress. And incredibly predictable.

While the intelligentsia toils to develop solutions to India’s surmounting problems – you play the stalest, most overused card in the history of humanity – The Blame Game.

  • Firing at the LoC? – blame the “sickulars”
  • Women being raped? – blame “Western culture”
  • Facts don’t support your claims? – “paid media”
  • Human rights violations unearthed? – “foreign funded NGOs”
  • Anything else? – blame the British Raj

With you – there’s no winning!

  1. Your fundamental policy is Hatred 

Like right-wingers at all times in the history of politics – you justify violence and bloodshed “when in the interests of a cause”. And your cause is hatred.

A crazed desire to maintain your hegemony drives your hatred towards anyone who’s different. You perpetuate a false sense of victimhood among the privileged demographic to create imaginary threats.

But you are not alone. The Nazis in Germany, the Confederates in the US, the Fascists in Italy, the Islamists in the Middle East, and more recently – ISIS, are all in the same club.

  1. You have systematically misled your followers

You have brainwashed thousands into thinking that Hinduism and India are in imminent danger.

Tell me Safro-boyz, how is it that a religion which stood the test of time, faced invasions by rulers of different faiths and races for over 5000 years, rarely, if ever, initiated aggression, and survived – now in “danger”?

The great traditions of Hinduism – perpetuating and flourishing over millennia without external help, now need a “caretaker”?

Perhaps because fear-mongering is the greatest tool to cage the mind and capture the imagination. Your desire for power is ridiculously transparent. What you call ‘Hindutva’ and Islamists call ‘Jihad’, our colonial oppressors called ‘divide & rule’.

If you haven’t realized, your ideology is a massive disservice to Hinduism, in particular, and religion in general. Do not disguise your lust for a Hindu hegemonic state – a Hindu Rashtra – as a Hindu “interest”.

If the line between religion and politics is going to be forcibly erased, secularism is the obvious choice. It is a conscious decision – regardless of one’s faith. Don’t cry “pseudo” because secularism doesn’t serve your pissbaby interests.

Before the boundaries of form & shape, sex & age, colour & race, language & faith – we are human. If ever the great religions taught us anything, it was this. You may try to masquerade your hatred by distorting scripture and context – but you cannot distort the universal spirit.     

We understand our religion. We are watching you closely.

 With Love,                                                                                                   A Hindu


10 thoughts on “To Sangh, With Love

  1. This is a very precisely written piece. A very good thought. Something what would really make a lot people think irrespective of their religion as to what exactly is happening and ehat exactly are we guys doing. Really appreciate this.

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  3. Have you ever been to an RSS shaka. There is mahila wing in RSS. Do you know what the christian evangelists do in southern india. As. a long time member of RSS who is now close to 60 , I have never seen anything remotely negative being told in RSS gatherings. Is it some kind of a fashion to damn RSS? Btw, I am a senior IT executive in the largest IT company in India, not some semi literate RSS member as you may condescendingly conclude. Communists are progressive, socialism that is still crushing our poor people is progressive, playing up Islamic victim hood is progressive; as if by rote. 100 million people have been killed by these ideologies in the last 100 years alone. I can only pity people like you.

    • RSS’s own Organiser is abound with Hindu-chauvinistic vitriol; their ideology is such that no normal thinking member of civil society agrees with. It doesn’t matter what they teach day-to-day. If it is ideologically and politically driven by dangerous ideas, it will be called out.

      And before you assume my political leanings, please ask.

      • I make no assumption about your political leanings. You have juxtaposed RSS pictures with Nazis, ISIS & Ku Klux Klan. So it is more after a fashion, to show off progressiveness. RSS is hindu-chauvinistic. It is because if the Hindu base of this country is destroyed there is no India for the future generations. Are you aware that on 31st of Jan 2016, India’s biggest Salafi/Wahabhi conference was held in Trichi where more than 2 lakh muslims attended. Tawheed Jammat in each town of Tamil Nadu is being sent money from abroad to promote the extremist Islam. As your own well meaning muslims friends, who themselves will , in private bemoan the spread of salafism in India. Please also send me links from Organiser of any offensive content that make you rank RSS along side ISIS / Nazi or Ku Klux Klan.

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